The Maritime Site in Northern Germany - active across state boundaries

Germany, as an export country, needs a high-performance maritime industry. Future challenges such as energy transition, climate and environmental protection, and the supply of raw materials, are dependent on innovative solutions in and out of the sea. The maritime sector secures well over 400,000 jobs in Germany.

(Source: 2013 marine annual report on the importance of the maritime economy).

A lot of maritime industries and scientific institutions concentrate their activities in northern Germany and form an important economic cluster across a variety of networks. The states of Bremen, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein support the cross-state cluster formation through the Maritime Cluster Northern Germany (MCN).

This unique platform has been in existence since 2011, coordinating state interests in the cluster development and as a moderator of the interfaces between the sectors of the maritime industry and neighbouring technological fields. As a member and partner in the MCN, companies are able to benefit from long-term cooperation between the public sector, the economy and science and make use of a vast cooperation network to drive innovations forward.

In addition to the cross-state activities, the MCN also supports state-specific key issues thanks to its regional offices.
The Northern German states administer their special political responsibility for the major players in the maritime industry in a variety of ways. Regular meetings of the Economic and Transport Minister and the Science Minister of the Northern German states provide for a coordinated approach in the relevant policy areas.

In addition, the coastal states engage in the implementation of the German government’s Maritime Technologies National Masterplan and participate in the organization of the National Maritime Conference every 2 years.